Personalising your items are as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Make a note of the image Reference

2. Add the Location Ref (on multiple photos only)

3. Let us know or Send us your own images!

Please follow the steps below for more information & guidance.

Finding the image reference

Facebook Gallery
  1. Open the gallery
  2. Select the image to enlarge
  3. Image ref is located on the right of the picture, above the comments.
    1. Image Ref: AA01
Private Gallery
  1. Follow the links through the website & enter your password to view the gallery
  2. Select the image to enlarge
  3. Image ref is located above the image.
    1. AA(1) .jpeg

Multiple image references

3v1 (2)
3imagesV3 sample
3 v4
3v5 (2)
4 v1
4v 2

Using your own images.

Please Note:

  • Images may be cropped to fit the product
  • Images must be of your own, or with usage rights. We are unable to print any trademarked images.
  • Please provide images in the largest file possible, preferably in Jpeg format.
  • In the unlikely event of any issues, we will contact you via email- so please check all email folders, as we will not create or dispatch items until queries are resolved.

Send us your image by adding an attachment to an email, and sending it to Make sure you include your name and order details in the email so we can match the orders up.


We Transfer

If you’re having a problem sending the picture via email, or the attachment is too large, please visit . This is a free and simple file transfer service. Please send images to & don’t forget to add your name and order details in the message space.